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As you know Apple Watch is a cool new wearable gadget from Apple. You may even own it or you may have used similar devices for Android.

How useful is Apple Watch without an iPhone? As it turns out, Apple Watch is quite capable device on its own.

Here's a rundown of what can be done with Apple Watch without it being connected to iPhone.
  • You can use clock functions like clock, alarm, timer, and stopwatch.
  • You can play music from a pre-synced playlist. You can sync Apple Watch with iPhone by placing it on the charger. You have 2GB of space available. Not much but not bad for a watch either.
  • Activity app does not require iPhone either. Apple Watch will track stand, move, and exercise actions. We do not know exactly what amount of data Apple Watch will store, however once the devices are in range, the data will be synced with your iPhone.
  • The same goes for the Workout app. You can use it without your iPhone being in range.
  • You can display photos from a pre-synced photo album. You will need the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to sync the photos first.
  • You can use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch without your iPhone being in range.
 As you can see Apple Watch is quite a capable device on its own. However, its full power comes when used together with iPhone.

A couple of days ago a serious bug was discovered in iOS messages app that could cause your iPhone to restart.

Apple has confirmed this problem and posted a temporary solution on their website yesterday. Here's what you can do:

If Messages quits unexpectedly after you get a text with a specific string of characters

Apple is aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update. Until the update is available, you can use these steps to re-open the Messages app.
  1. Ask Siri to "read unread messages."
  2. Use Siri to reply to the malicious message. After you reply, you'll be able to open Messages again.
  3. In Messages, swipe left to delete the entire thread. Or tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread.

If you own Apple Watch then we have some good news for you. According to Apple, developers will be able to start developing native apps for Apple Watch from this fall. Until now developers can only customize iPhone apps for Apple Watch. However, with the new SDK (that is Software Development Kit) developers can create apps directly for the wearable gadget.

This shall have a huge implication on the usefulness and usability of Apple Watch. Another advantage is that the native apps shall at least theoretically decrease dependence on iPhone and make Apple Watch a more "stand-alone" device.

This information was revealed by Apple's Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams at Re/code's Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Mr. Williams was pressed to reveal sales figures for Apple Watch. However the only information given was that sales were "fantastic".

The native Apple Watch app SDK will be previewed at WWDC. We will be covering the details as they happen. Stay tuned.

Some users have reported iPhone restarts after receiving a certain text. It is still not confirmed but it seems there's a bug that causes Messages to crash.

The information has started circulating on Twitter and it seems that hundreds of iPhone users are affected but this alleged bug in iOS.

Stay tuned as we try to find out more details about this and more importantly if, how and when this can be fixed.

According to ABC15 there was a fire at an Apple facility in Mesa on Tuesday morning. The fire which started around 11:30 AM was quickly extinguished by the firefighter crews from from Mesa, Gilbert and Superstition Fire and no injuries have been reported. According to the report, the fire was on solar panels on the roof. How did the solar panels catch the fire is still under investigation. Interestingly, there were two fire alarms. A the firefighrets explained, the facility is large and that explains the second alarm. About 50 employees had to be evacuated.

Source: ABC15
Dear readers,

This post is our modest effort to spread the word about John Draper's (aka Captain Crunch) illness and the fundraiser to help this legendary person.

For many, he might be a stranger but for the geeky guys and gals out there Captain Crunch is a true legend.

John Draper developed EasyWriter, the first word processor for the Apple II, in 1979.

Voice activated menus, which you probably use regularly, was made possible by the technology also developed by Mr. Draper.

And did you know why he was nicknamed Captain Crunch? Because he used a toy whistle that came in a box of cereal to carry out one of the most interesting phreaking tricks. In a nutshell, with the trick Captain Crunch could disconnect one side of a phone line while the still connected side could enter an operator mode. What possibilities this could give, you can give imagine yourself.

People like John Draper are driven by passion and idea, not money. Despite his contributions to the technology, Mr. Draper is not a wealthy man and now he needs our help to fight his illness and focus on recovery.

Thanks to the Internet we can help. The smallest donation can make a difference and it's really quick and easy to do so on the fundraiser organized by John's friends. Act now!

iPhone 6 problem saga continues with the latest "-gate" being nothing more nothing less but a hairgate. Not easy to demonstrate as a bendgate, hairgate might actually be issue. But let's first quickly overview the problem.

According to a brief post at 9to5Mac, your hair may get caught in the gap between the glass and aluminum. When trying to free it out, it hurts obviously.

Some commentators have dismissed the issue and dabbed it as a nonsense. However, given the fact that people have experienced similar issues with other high-end devices, it might be true. However, unlike the bending problem, this hair problem is much more subjective.

And of course, it is less costly to verify too. After all, you don't need to bend and destroy your brand new iPhone.

Does your hair get caught in the gap? Have your say.

More and more users report Bluetooth problems. The problem is significant if you used your iPhone with your car Bluetooth system.

Based on the information available on Apple forums, many new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices are affected, as well as previous models with an OS update.

Most frequent symptoms are refused or failed pairs or no audio playing even after a successful pair. Disconnects of already paired devices are also common.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth problem is one of the many problems that have been literally pouring in since Apple started rolling out the iOS8 update.

What is your experience? Have you been affected by the update adversely? Have your say.

According to the news from Bloomberg, Apple is about to launch a gold iPad. The 9.7 inch iPad in Gold variant shall hit the market by the end of this month. If you own a gold iPhone, you can now match it with the gold iPad.

More interesting is the news about the larger version of iPad. According to the same sources, Apple is about to unveil as 12.9 inch iPad. The device most likely will miss this holiday season and shall be officially available sometime next year.

The gold versions of the devices might not appeal your taste. However, the larger iPad is certainly something more interesting, at least for us.

It's not a secret that there are all sorts of devices for iPhone out there from car diagnostic gadgets to health care devices. But the device that we're going to talk in this post is a really cool invention.

If you are like us, you don't like waking up in the morning. To make getting up early easier, there shall be some motivation. What about the smell of bacon? That's precisely what "Wake Up And Smell The Bacon" from Oscar Mayer's can do for you.

This strange device and the corresponding app is all you need to make your waking up less painful and more pleasant. Simply, set the alarm and you will wake you up with the sound of sizzling bacon and pork-scented perfume.

The only bad news is that the device is not on sale yet and the only way to own one is to participate in a contest at the official website. Ready for a tasty morning? Try to get your device here.


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