It's not a secret that there are all sorts of devices for iPhone out there from car diagnostic gadgets to health care devices. But the device that we're going to talk in this post is a really cool invention.

If you are like us, you don't like waking up in the morning. To make getting up early easier, there shall be some motivation. What about the smell of bacon? That's precisely what "Wake Up And Smell The Bacon" from Oscar Mayer's can do for you.

This strange device and the corresponding app is all you need to make your waking up less painful and more pleasant. Simply, set the alarm and you will wake you up with the sound of sizzling bacon and pork-scented perfume.

The only bad news is that the device is not on sale yet and the only way to own one is to participate in a contest at the official website. Ready for a tasty morning? Try to get your device here.

Apple has finally confirmed that a fix to the security problem found earlier in OS X will be coming "very soon". While we still don't know how much time is implied under "very soon", one thing is for sure that the programmers at Apple are doing their best to address this huge security flaw as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the list of the affected applications is considerable longer than initially thought. The root of this security problem is in one of the software libraries and therefore any app using the library is affected. This includes FaceTime, iMessage, Twitter, Calendar, Keynote, Mail, iBooks, Software Update, and probably some others.

If you are Mac OS user, you can check your computer by visiting in Safari. However, this will only check if your computer has been affected or not. To protect yourself, try not to use untrusted and unsecured WiFi networks while traveling. Also, try to update to iOS 7.0.6 if you have not yet installed it on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Picture source: security researcher Ashkan Soltani

Bad news for Flappy Bird copy-cats. Apple is rejecting apps with a word Flappy in the title. At least Vancouver-based game designer Ken Carpenter's game was rejected by the App Store.

As soon as the original Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store by its developer, a gazillion of other clones of the game tried to capitalize on the popularity of the original Flappy Bird.

Obviously, some of the clones achieved considerable success and such games are now simply re-branding their names: Flappy Bee has become Jumpy Bee.

This is the right move from Apple to clean the app store. What do you think?

Source: iMore

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is famous for predicting Apple's product releases, issued a report on Saturday. In the report obtained by AppleInsider, Ming-Chi Ku predicted that overall iPad shipments will actually decline this year. The logic behind this prediction is based on the assumption that Apple will only refresh iPad Air in 2014. The device shall be gaining a next-generation A8 processor and Touch ID fingerprint sensor late in the third quarter of the year.

Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts that Apple's resources will be directed towards development of the next iPad Air and a new 12.9-inch iPad. The bigger iPad also requires considerable rework of Apple's operating system. As a result, Kuo said that the chances of a new iPad mini model in the second half of 2014 are "slim."

Kuo also speculates, that higher priority has been placed on finishing the iWatch operating system. iWatch is expected later this year.

Try to live a single day without your smartphone and you will see how heavily we depend on our mobile companions these days. The digital content that we create and consume has increased dramatically these past couple of years and there seems to be no end to this trend. When was the last time you actually printed a photo? Your photos, call logs, text messages, e-mails, notes, videos, memos, calendars, documents and probably a gazillion other files live permanently on your smart-phone.

With greater power and flexibility come greater risks!

What if the unthinkable happened and you lost or damaged your device? This might well be your worst nightmare and is why all modern devices come with backup capabilities of some description, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry device.

However, there is one problem.

The backups created by these devices are not often human-readable or accessible directly by users. Theoretically, a power user may be able to retrieve their data from a backup, or so the theory goes.  In reality, it would be extremely difficult, even for a programmer, to extract all the data in reasonable time. For the average user, this task is way beyond practical.

But now, there is no need to do so - meet phoneMiner from Amrak Software. Who said that an application that specializes in complex data cryptography needs to have a cryptic GUI? phoneMiner features a clean and sleek interface and is such an easy to use tool - even your grandma would like it.

Let's see what phoneMiner can recover from your backup files:

• Photos
• Contacts (Address book)
• SMS messages
• Emails
• Calendar
• Call logs
• Movies
• Memos
• Tasks
With phoneMiner you'll be able to recover the above mentioned content, sync your contacts to Google and even transfer your data to other phones or simply export your data to Microsoft Excel, PDF, vCard, XML and more.

You can use the app with an iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry and Sony/Ericsson devices. To use phoneMiner, you'll need a Windows computer running practically any flavor of Windows, from XP to 8.

phoneMiner is free of trojans, viruses and malware and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

You have insured your health, house and car? It's time to insure your digital content too and phoneMiner from Amrak Software is your best bet yet. Sound good? Give it a try.
According to the Korean version of ZDNet, the head of the mobile division at Samsung Electronics, JK Shin and Apple's CEO Tim Cook met in the US last week.

While not confirmed by Samsung, the meeting is nevertheless very important for the two companies as the verdict is approaching quickly. According to the sources, the top executives failed to reach an agreement.

The court will announce its final verdict after the 19th. For Samsung this may translate into $930 million of damages payable to Apple.

This is not the first lawsuit that the two technology giants have been involved in since 2011.
According to the 2014 Supplier Responsibility Report issued by Apple yesterday, Apple's suppliers do not use unethically sourced tantalum. The report is based on the audit done by third-party auditors.

This means that the materials used to build your favorite device have not been gathered in war-torn regions of Africa. The report also highlights a number of other achievements for 2013 such as driving suppliers to achieve a 95% compliance rate with the company's standard maximum 60-hour workweek.

Apple also take maximum care to avoid exploiting underage work force. When the company revealed one of its Chinese suppliers to be systematically engaging in such a practice, Apple dropped the supplier.
Have you noticed how fast the computing power of mobile devices increase? Modern smartphones are more powerful than desktop computers just a couple of years ago. What if there were one mobile device that would act as a mobile phone and a desktop computer?

That's precisely what analyst Mark Moskowitz thinks Apple might be working on. Such a platform was even dubbed as iAnywhere.

Theoretically, this is quite possible. As a matter of fact, this is a direction that Microsoft is trying to pursue. So, it is quite possible that folks in Cupertino are working on the similar system.

As a side effect, this would give considerable boost to Apple on the side of innovation. As you might be aware, key shareholders at Apple are not very satisfied with the company's recent stagnation on the innovation arena.

Above mentioned is just a hypothesis. All we have to do is just wait and see if the unified Apple OS comes to reality.

via CNET

Today we are introducing pickWEB for iOS. This App puts a directory of the most interesting websites in a handy format right at your fingertips. It was released for iPhone as well as iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

What’s interesting is the fact that the lists are not created by automated scripts, but are hand-picked and regularly checked for not only dead links, but also the actuality of the website content
The application also stands out with its simplicity: with only two taps you’re getting redirected to a selection of websites in your chosen category.

If you are looking for a reliable companion to guide you to an ever more complex webscape, you should definitely give pickWEB a try.

Usability is simple: You choose from a selection of predefined categories, each revealing a finer selection of sub-categories once selected. Tap those and you get redirected to the developer’s web-site with an overview of relevant website links.

The App also features “favorite” list, where you can compile and manage your own links. Great for usability is the multi-language interface, with currently 5 available languages: English, French, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

The registration is not obligatory but in order to add new sites you like, save app preferences and to be able to use the “Most Viewed” function, registration is needed on pickinfo.web - which is quick and  easy.
 The app is also available on Android, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows.
A few more features of pickWEB:
Sort your links by rating or in alphabetical order
User Account management
Country-specific directory
Quick access to popular subdirectories
Add your own link
So go ahead and give it a try - its free!

The wait is over! Springtomize 3, one of the most popular and keenly awaited jailbreak tweaks has been released earlier this week. It’s the perfect solution to customize your iOS 7 and now available on Cydia. Springtomize 3 lets you customize almost anything in iOS without any trouble. That’s why it’s called the mother of all jailbreak tweaks.
Springtomize allows you customize
  • Animations
  • App Slider
  • Control Center
  • Dock
  • Folders
  • Icons
  • Lock Screen
  • Pages


This section allows you customize the duration of animations by enabling Custom Speed Toggle.
Springtomize > Animations

App Slider

This feature of Springtomize lets you customize the app switcher or multitasking tray:

  • Hide the icon
  • Resize app switcher pages
  • Modify the Home action to Respring

Control Center:

You can hide Control Center sections such as Quick Launch, Brightness, media controls, Airdrop and Settings along with hiding the line separator


  • The Dock feature gives you plenty of customization options
  • You can hide the iPhone dock
  • You can make the background of dock transparent
  • And you can also change the size of icons in the iPhone dock for getting more on the dock
  • This feature allows you to add the cover flow effect to your dock


  • Springtomize lets you modify iOS folders in a plenty of ways
  • Enables nested folders and the pinch to close gestures for folders
  • Enables you make the background of folders transparent
  • You can give the Cover flow effect to the applications in the folder
  • You can change the animation speed, the size of the icon and layout of icons on Home screen gives you the option to increase the numbers of rows and columns


It enables you
Lock the layout, hide badges, Newsstand and various other icons from Home screen; disable wiggling animation, uninstall option to stop them from being unintentionally uninstalled.

Lock Screen:

With the help of Springtomize 3, you can customize the lock screen and many other things like
  • You can hide the grabber for the camera app
  •  It lets you modify font size, the effect of the time and date displayed on the Home screen


It also allows you change the pages of the Home screen in many ways like
  •  You can remove the dots that appear just above the dock
  •   Disable spotlight and change the size and layout of icons on the Home screen
  •   Make Cover flow effect and hide labels


Status Bar:

You can change the Carrier logo and replace the time displayed with a custom string. Moreover, you can
hide all the status bar by tapping on the toggles with on/off option.
Once you are done with the changes, Springtomize will prompt you to make all the above changes in the Status bar.
You can get Springtomize 3 on Cydia by spending $3 and if you’ve already purchased, you can upgrade to the latest one. iPhone5S users may face some troubles on the new Springtomize 3 and I’d suggest them wait for a while until the issue is resolved. 

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