How Many iPhones Can You Sell in China?

A lot. Frankly, I don't know. But I think it will be really a lot. Is it realistic that iPhone will be coming to China soon? Probably. At least that's what China Mobile CEO said today.

However, in my opinion it won't be that easy for Apple to make the already trusted business model get working in China (and in Asia generally). China Mobile's position puts this assumption even closer to reality. Wang Jianzhou, China Mobile's CEO has stated that he doesn't like some of the new business models emerging in the mobile phone industry. Of course he has been implying the revenue sharing model between the handset manufacturers and the mobile operators in the first turn.

Apple plans to roll out iPhones in Asia next year and of course China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone operator with its 350 million customer base would be the best choice for the Cupertino-based company.


Tom B said...

"How Many iPhones Can You Sell in China?"

I don't know either, but I bet in a year there will be more iPhones in China than LEGAL copies of MS-Windows.

George S. said...

Yes, there is truth in your comment. With 350 million subscribers China Mobile has more customers than all countries in the world but India. So, I guess even if a Apple grabs 1% of that, it will be a terrific success. Exciting time is coming up for Apple.

Anonymous said...

"With 350 million subscribers China Mobile has more customers than all countries in the world but India."

How many subscriber does India have?

One thing people don't understand is while the PERCENTAGE of the middle class in China is still lower than that in the U.S., but by pure number alone, it's close to that of the U.S. if not surpassed already.

George S. said...

Yes, it's a very correct remark. Of those 350 million subscribers in China, I guess not many will afford to buy iPhone. But still, it's a huge market with an enormous growth potential. I still believe Apple can sell more iPhones in China then elsewhere.

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