iPhone - The Wonder of the Year

You may like iPhone or you may hate it but let's agree that Steven has done a great job in the marketing department. With that level of marketing you would easily sell garbage and no wonder that this great gadget has been doing so well. It would not be an exaggeration mentioning that when the Time Magazine names a device the invention of the year, that's something.

Difficult not to agree. iPhone is pretty and easy to use. The touch thing is sooo cool, damn cool. If the first statement is subjective (I know people who find iPhone ugly) no arguing is necessary with the later. iPhone is more than a phone. It is a well thought out platform based on a desktop OS and finally, iPhone is not that expensive anymore.

What will be the iPhone's future? Difficult to predict. But iPhone has really deserved to be the gadget number one of the year. Yes, it's a wonder of the year.


Anonymous said...

We agree on one thing and one thing only...subjectivity.

For example, IMHO, a Nokia enterprise series mobile device looks like Catherine Deneuve and thinks like Catherine Deneuve while the iPhone looks like Nicole Richie and thinks like Nicole Richie.

Steve Jobs is the spinner of the century...a charlatan.
The iPhone is arguably the best device for mobile entertainment but nothing more.
It's for inconsiderate wankers who like to bother other commuters with their dreadful taste in music or who watch YouTube shite made BY philistines FOR philistines but it's no pocket computer.
My Nokia is capable of replacing my computer when I'm travel for all my office tasks.
The iPhone sings and dances.

Anonymous said...

lool agree, iPhone is a nice media player and really good internet browser, nothing more. :) But the matter is that it doesn't claims for smart phone :) and lets consent that more percentage of the users doesn't use capabilities of the smart phones, more of them uses smart phones max. for media functions, they have no needs in pocket PC :) they can listen to good quality music, browse internet and most important they can touch all of this, which makes iPhone so popular.

P.S. Sorry for my English :D


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