DiY New iPhone Black Grip Skin

If your iPhone’s slimmest case is still too thick to use with the dock, here is a new skin-tight wrap for the iPhone that has really great grip. Blue Ember creations created a nice tutorial on how to DiY an iPhone case.

Make your own iPhone skin with this tutorial. You can download a template from the website and then follow its detailed instructions. When completed, the skin will offer more protection for your device.

You would really like the matte black finish, since it will help hide all those messy fingerprints and tiny scratches.

Blue Ember creations
is a graphic design portfolio. Blue Ember, based in Los Angeles, California, brings Hollywood style to all types of design.

The Blue Ember philosophy is to take the richness and visual impact associated with movie marketing and to apply it to other aspects of design.


Steffan Snodgrass said...

Thanks for linking to the entry! Hope people find it useful.

iphone skins said...

I have to stay out door for most part of the day, my phone starts slipping from my wet hands, hope your skin will help me.


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