Apple Releases iPhone Update 2.0.2

Apple releases version 2.0.2 firmware for 3G iPhone and iPod touch. The 248.7MB update is available only through iTunes and comes just two weeks after version 2.0.1.

The update is expected to fix many longstanding bugs found since the release of revision 2.0.1 regarding various applications and device reception with no specific changes and is intended to be a full firmware update.

The update is 248.7MB in size and you can download it via iTunes.



Anonymous said...

Before iPhone came out, we have been promised and we have expected a quality product and good service. After the device saw daylight, we have been assured that all the issues will be taken care of. Now, after a second generation of the iPhone, many months later all we get is terrible service, low product quality and no explanation, no excuse, no credit.

Please, post your comments about your iPhone & iphone 3G experience. Let's hope that we can finally attract enough attention to get Apple to do what they promised!


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