More Than 1,000 Apps Available For The iPhone

Apple announced that there are more than 1,000 applications available for the iPhone and that there have been 25 million applications downloads. Games are proving to be a popular iPhone app as they are leading the paid app board carrying 53 of the top 100 places. Also 20% of the apps are freebies and 90% are priced under $10.

Apple Applications like PhoneSaber which are targeted to most of the audiences are free. Currently there are 6 apps that cost over $50 and due to this the average price on an app is $6.70, but the overall cost on all apps is $4.96.

Expensive apps have also started to make their way in the App Store. Two MyAccountsToGo apps are running for $449.99, and another iChart EMR is charging $139.99. Of course, these are targeted at professionals who will heavily rely on them.

Many feel that the apps available for the device and its capabilities as a software platform may actually be more important than the device itself, so the growth is good for iPhone owners.



Free iPhone 3g 4u said...

With so many great apps available I really think we need more than 16gbs of memory! I'm sure they will introduce a 32gb model in the next 6-12 months and then we will be almost unlimited in the number of apps we can have!

Anonymous said...

I found a cool new application for trading stocks from my iPhone. It's called ipTrader. I'm a TD Ameritrade client and the application was made especially for TD Ameritrade customers. Check it out:

free iPhone said...

How many are there now? I bet there must be many more. Be needing a bigger iPhone soon!


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