iPhone Sales In Eastern Europe Are Quite Low

T-Mobile and Vodafone the Eastern European carriers for the Czech Republic have sold only about 5,000 iPhone 3G each since its launch on August 22. So the sales figures are not that positive.

O2 is also a Czech Republic carrier, but its sales info was not available at the moment.

Despite that small number, the iPhone 3G is still selling well in other parts of the world, particularly in the U.S, the U.K. and in Germany.



Anonymous said...

They should check their information. My understanding is that they only got 5000. I've been to every vodaphone store in Prague and they're all sold out with not idea when they'll get more.

Anonymous said...

Same commenter: I just stopped in to the local Vodafone store as they've been saying they don't know anything and they could come in any time and that they should have some by September..... I was just told that there will be no iPhones in the Czech Republic for one Month! One Month! Where's the big production push I keep hearing about? Perhaps Apple should have rerouted some of those Polish iPhones no one wants.

Anonymous said...

I think the main reason why they haven't sold more that 5000 iPhones so far is that they just don't have more! With the supply shortage everywhere, it's not a shocking surprise. Let's face it, Apple can't provide enough devices to satisfy today's demand which is still huge. BTW, came across the site that offers to take part in their giveaway contest and get a free iPhone 3g: http://www.pikaba.com/c/ContestRules.aspx?m I bet they have thousands interested. ;)


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