Keep Your Hands Warm

Winter is coming …Cold hands and frozen fingers actually is not the perfect tool for your touchscreen iPhone so here we’ve got news for you how to take care about both – try to keep your hands warm.

Perfect for winter usage, and keeping your touchscreen devices smudge-free, Dots Gloves offers simple, affordable gloves adorned with metal dots that enable use of the iPhone, iPod and all other touchscreen phones and devices without direct finger contact. The dots' smooth, curved surface provides completely safe, scratchless use.

Is not it interesting? Besides you may try them - Gloves can be purchased at and the price starts from $15.



Cheap iPhone said...

Haha these are so cool! I can't believe someone hasnt come up with the idea sooner, but then I think I would feel a bit of a numpty wearing them.

Do you think point and drag would still work ok? If not then pretty pointless...


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