Haunted Halloween App For Your iPhone

Hauntingsounds.com launched a new iPhone app Haunted Halloween. New application provides you with high quality spooky sounds and allows you to loop and overlay them to create the perfect Halloween soundtrack.

The first volume focuses on the Halloween classics and has such sounds as a rainstorm, howling wind, thunder claps, a pounding heart, tolling bell, clanking chains, pounding on a door, an evil laugh, a scream, a couple of moaning ghosts, a howling wolf and a couple of scary electronic drones and sweeps. All you have to do is touch an onscreen button to turn each sound on or off.

A Haunted Halloween is a 28MB download and retails for $2.99 and is available at the iTunes App Store. You can get new application only if you have iPhone firmware v2.1 installed.


Anonymous said...

The picture shown is for HALLOWEEN EXPERIENCE and not the app described!


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