The DLO Hybridshell iPhone case

The DLO HybridShell is a hard case that keeps your iPhone safe from the perils of riding in your backpack or briefcase without hiding the sleek beauty of your phone. The design itself is not very amazing but just slides the silicone-coated back off, set your iPhone in place, and lock the back securely in place. Grip dots on the case back let you keep a firm hold on your iPhone, and prevent it from sliding around when you set it down in the car.

The clear polycarbonate case front protects your display without reducing your view. The included SurfaceShield protects your touchscreen without slowing down its response. You’ll have full access to the touchscreen, connectors, and controls while your iPhone stays safe from dust, scratches, and drop-damage. The trim HybridShell gives you crystal-clear protection without adding bulk. The retail price should be around $24.95 or so.




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