Budget Management in Your iPhone

Free money management app Mint rolls out an iPhone app that puts most of its basic data-mining, alerts, and money-watching tools in a few simple screens. From the Mint app’s home screen, you can see your total balances and click through to check out transactions on balances on everything you’ve registered over at Mint’s web site.

Mint.com is good working on an iphone application. The Cash Flow indicator gives you a glance at the current month’s spending and earning, and then breaks it down by category or merchant on clicking through. If you’ve set up budgets or accounts for investment, they’ll show up as well.

Perhaps the most helpful, is the alerts window, which updates live and tells you about spending abnormalities and low balances in your budget. One thing you’ll definitely want to do if you install this app, and it’s recommended on a pop-up screen after installation, is pass code your iPhone or iPod. The app doesn’t ask for a password on each login (it should do this, however), so anyone who grabbed your device without your knowledge would get way more financial information than they should have, obviously.


Haziq Ikhwan said...

Great news!!! Now I can do my budget management on my phone...

Haziq Ikhwan

Evelina said...

great article and apps. I know one more Track money app, it's useful and simply to use, I have already saved a little money. Anyway, I think that this type apps are very good for everyone, and even if it's simply to use it's brilliant :)


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