Skyworks Interactive Released Arcade Hoops Basketball for iPhone/iPod Touch

Skyworks Interactive management team pioneer members David Crane and Garry Kitchen co-founders of Activision and Absolute Entertainment released their new handiwork game Arcade Hoops Basketball for iPhone/iPod touch.

This is a simple arcade basketball game. In this current version there are only two options available: classic and progressive. In classic game, players have 45 seconds to score as many baskets as possible. In progressive game, players will have 99 seconds to score. However, the backboard will move back and forth making the shots a lot more challenging. After players complete their game and if they made it to the top 10, players will be taken to a score board to input their name.

To play the game you have to put fingers on the touch screen to grab a ball and then flick/move their finger upwards toward to goal. The basketball will go in depending on the amount of force and angle they can flick the ball.
rcade Hoops Basketball can be purchased on the iTunes App store for $1.99.



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