iPhone Beginner Tips

Recently, I've been getting numerous e-mails from our readers to post beginner tips for iPhone users. So, here we go. Beginning from this week, I will be regularly posting beginner iPhone tips and links to interesting resources featuring beginner tips and how-to articles. You may wish to bookmark this post, since I will be adding links to each tip here. At the same time, you can always see all tips by navigating to them from the labels menu.

Useful tips on how to tap a cell phone at hacker9.com.

Tip #1 - Howto Rename Your iPhone

Tip #9 - Some SecretTips!

Tip #18 -  MakeYour Music Sleep

Tip #19 -  Unlock youriPhone

Tip #22 -  OneMore SIRI Trick

Tip #28 -  SiriSecret Commands


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!!! i have quite a few probloems with my newly bought iPhone…and wonder will any gentlemen gives me some clue #1, everytime i connect my iPhone to iTune, my XP notebook will restart immediately, but luckily i got to put all the songs from my notebook into my iPhone only for the 1st time when i connect them #2, my iPhone has got a problem with the network,i couldn’t call out or sms everytime after i leave a lift(elevator),carrier is still there, but with a sign ‘no service’ at top left corner of iPhone screen

Anyone who has these 2 problems or solution pls pls let me know….your ans will be appreciated….thks guys!!! hope to hear from you guys soon = ]

china said...

hello, i am planning to buy a new iphone, but first a lot of people talks about blackberry. could anyone tell me why choose one or the other? they have the same amount of people recommending or not recommending. i am confused

Brisbane said...

Wirh regards to the problem with your iphone. I would load the latest iphone software, make sure you back up first with another computer.

Then reinstall windows XP

Michael Calloway said...

I sync my iphone 3G with my Mac.
I installed IOS5 on my iphone to be able to delete music and other files.
I delete the music files and re-sync to those playlists and artists I have selected.
But when I look at my phone, some of the old music is still on it and some of the selected is not.
What am I doing wrong?


Adil Siddiqui said...

The above are really amazing tips for iphone newbies as they can follow easy tips for any technical problem regarding iphone.

Adam Daieh said...

Nice article. It really helped me a lot when I was starting to use my iphone factory unlock phone. :)


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