PacketVideo Brings Live TV to the iPhone

iPhone is a great multimedia device but soon it will become even better. With the release of the new mobile video application for the iPhone, PacketVideo Brings Live TV to the iPhone. PacketVideo software enables the delivery of operator-branded TV and video services on iPhone for the first time. Mobile operators will offer this application via the iPhone Application Store, under their own brands, and subscribers will be able to view local live television channels and on-demand video clips. Cool!

It is expected that major mobile operators will launch this application within 6-8 weeks. The PacketVideo application is powered by the CORE(TM) software platform that has shipped in more than 320 million mobile phones worldwide. Along with the video streaming and playback capabilities, PacketVideo's CORE supports the middleware services needed to deliver live and on-demand content, including support for mobile operator TV services electronic program guide (EPG) information.


Anonymous said...

Fail - buy the orb app for $10 and stream ALL of your live tv content for free. Plus access all of your other media as well.


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