E-book Readers for iPhone

iPhone is a pretty good device for reading e-books. As an e-book reading device, iPhone has become even more interesting after Amazon released the Kindle application for iPhone. But is Kindle for iPhone the best e-book reading software?

I've tried eReader, Kindle for iPhone and Stanza. I find Stanza to be the most functional and useful e-book reader application for iPhone. Stanza is a feature-rich application and a lot of free e-books are available for it, 25,000+ free titles from Project Gutenberg for example.

These three e-book reader application are free. Thus, you can try and decide which to keep on your iPhone. After using these applications, I've decided to keep Kindle and Stanza.


unlocking ipad2 said...

I've also used Stanza and found it really helpful, specially in finding newer ebooks to download from Project Gutenberg. Kindle is cool application to use, but its expensive considering the features. I'd like to test eReader though, but not sure whether its compatible with Stanza already installed in the device.


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