Nimbuzz - VoIP on iPhone without Jailbreaking

In the previous post I have briefly discussed why I use a jailbroken iPhone. iPhone software 3.0 narrows the reasons for jailbreaking. Even with the new features present in iPhone 3.0 there's still one area for which I need a jailbroken iPhone and it is VoIP. Yes, there's a cool SIP software called Siphon, which is available on jailbroken iPhones only. However, even this reason for jailbreaking may become unnecessary and this is why.

Yesterday I got an update of a popular messenger application Nimbuzz. Incidentally, a couple of minutes later I got an interesting e-mail from Numbuzz folks. It turns out that "it has taken quite a few rejections with Apple" but finally new Nimbuzz is available via the App Store.

New Nimbuzz sports not only a new and updated interface but a whole array of VoIP functionality. SkypeOut is there. Support for a popular VoIP provider SipGate is there too and a lot more. To be short, new Nimbuzz rocks.

Unfortunately, I've experienced some problems with SipGate. Namely, the dialing worked, but I could not get an incoming call. SkypeOut works fantastically well.

All in all, Nimbuzz is going to the right direction and in my opinion Nimbuzz is one of the best (if not the best) messengers available for iPhone. It must noted that the VoIP functionality works both on WiFi and 3G connections alike.


Call Center Philippines said...

This is probably the most useless application ever! Who would bother to make VOIP calls over a mobile phone, if mobile voice-flatrates are all around? Only use I could see is for calls when roaming outside your carrier's area/country. But then, cost of data-connections abroad is still pohibitive, so simple 3G-voice calls may still be cheaper than calling 3G/VOIP.


mike mike said...

The VOIP provider must also be able to provide emergency operators with a subscriber's call-back number and location information, in case that caller becomes unable to talk.
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