Sorry this Truphone is not for the iPhone

Truphone has been living on my iPhone for a while but to admit I don't use it frequently. A I have a jailbroken iPhone, I use Siphon for all my VoIP needs.

However, recently, Truphone got an update enabling chatting and calling Skype users. This makes Truphone a really useful application.

Yesterday, I tried updating the application and once the process was complete, I ran the application and I got a weird screen saying "Sorry this product is not for the iPhone"

I guess something went wrong and the App Store installed an iPod version. I have not idea.


Steve said...

I've been getting this with the recent update of Moocow Music's Pianist app. It turns out the error message is misleading. It actually means that the firmware version on the iphone is too old. Pianist needs 2.2.1 and I have 2.2.

Could be the same issue with Truphone? That said, I've got Truphone on my iPhone and not noticed this problem. Which firmware version are you running on yours?



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