Why Have I Jailbroken My iPhone?

Have you ever asked yourself why people jailbreak iPhones? Well, I think that Apple has placed some artificial restrictions on iPhone. For example, we know that iPhone is inherently a multi-tasking capable device. Yet, we don't get this feature. Jailbreak your iPhone and it will be come multi-tasking-enabled. A number of other areas can be mentioned where jailbreaking iPhone makes sense.

Recently, I've been asking myself a question why I have jailbroken iPhone. To admit, there are only a couple reasons. First, jailbreaking has given me much needed multitasking. Second, I use a VoIP application Siphon. Finally, there is one serious reason - tethering. I have switched to iPhone from Nokia E90 Communicator. I'm acustomed to using mobile phones as modems. So, why shall I not be able to use iPhone - a 3.5G device as a modem?

Unfortunately, even with iPhone 3.0 software, jailbreaking might remain the only way to fully use iPhones potential. So sad, so sad.


Bernie said...

It's not a sad thing! People are given a choice and you can choose to jailbreak if you want to. Others are quite happy with the features iPhone already offers.


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