Spotify Music App for iPhone Is Now Available

Digital music service Spotify launched mobile versions of its popular music streaming application. Spotify for iPhone and iPod touch has been approved by Apple and is available in the App Store. The new application is also available, for the owners of Google Android-powered smartphones, at the Android Market.

The Apple iPhone, iPod touch and Android apps also allows playlists to be downloaded and played in offline mode when users have no connection, are on a plane or subway, or abroad and subject to roaming data fees. The size of a playlist is only limited by available storage space and they can be used for maximum of 30 days before you need to go back online — so no signing up for Spotify for a month, creating a 32Gb playlist and cancelling your subscription.

Spotify Mobile is free for both platforms, but you’ll need to sign up for a Spotify Premium account before you can use it and that’ll cost you £10 a month.

The Spotify App is available to Spotify Premium subscribers in the U.K., Sweden, Spain, France, Norway and Finland, the company said. Features include access to Spotify’s catalogue of songs, streaming and browsing capability and synchronized playlists.



Kick Butt Applications said...

Sounds like a great app. There appears to me more action on the Android market now too. I've been doing some blogging about that as I can envision Google really pushing the Android OS more now that they have a device out in the market.

Kick Butt

Anonymous said...

Waiting for icloud's app. Then I can listen to Grooveshark and get work done online at the same time. Should be a killer app!


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