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Updated MobileNavigator

MobileNavigator application by Navigon company includes changes and newly added features. So if you are already user of this application you should better know that this is the second free update for the navigation app for North American users since the application launched. The update adds a new text-to-speech function to allow the voice prompts to read street names and turn-by-turn directions. The app will now say “turn left On Main Street” instead saying “turn left.”

The application includes the latest map material from the market leader NAVTEQ and can be used without an Internet connection, which is of enormous benefit abroad, for example, as no extra charges are incurred. The update also adds a location sharing function to make meet ups with friends and family easy to coordinate. So with MobileNavigator you can turn your iPhone into an equally handy and convenient route guidance system. Users can now also get one click access from within the navigation app to their music lists so they can navigate and listen to music at once.