Pay Less for International Calls with Vonage Mobile

For those who pay too much for international calls Vonage launched Vonage Mobile, offering low-cost international calling for the iPhone and iPod touch. This appl allows calls to be made via Wi-Fi or cellular connection, while the iPod touch application is apparently limited to Wi-Fi calling only.

Vonage Mobile is easy to use - you can call around the world from home, a Wi-Fi hotspot, or while traveling around the country. There are no access numbers or new phone numbers to give to friends and family. Simply enter an international number or select a contact from the existing contacts on your iPhone and press send. iPhone users calling international numbers via the Vonage Mobile application on a cellular network are automatically connected to Vonage's network and utilize only domestic airtime minutes on their carrier while paying Vonage's international rates for the calls from a prepaid, automatically refillable account. This app will give customers exceptional per-minute rates to any country they want to dial.

Vonage Mobile for Iphone and Ipod is already in the App Store and it is offered for free.

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Chris Brown said...

I love it I will have to go buy a Iphone now Yea...

Anonymous said...

very useful appl !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

call Pakistan said...

It has a plan for every budget. The good thing about that is they don't hide anything from the clients. All the extra costs and taxes are explained to the client before sign up. Most of the new voip providers try to hide these costs until the client has signed up a contract.


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