iLinguist West - 250 000 Words For Your iPhone

Translator could appear useful for almost everyone and there is nothing better when you pay once and use it forever. iLinguist West translator is an off-line dictionary which translates between English and one of 5 other languages: German, French, Italian, Dutch and Finnish.

The translator works off-line so no internet connection is required - no costs for roaming data when abroad and using your dictionary. The dictionary contains 250 000 words pairs in total, performs reverse translations, and additional searches on Wikipedia or Google (for this feature internet connection is required).

iLinguist West is already available on App Store and it costs $4.99.

Here are more features how to use it, watch our video instruction.

Apps Dev team is developing team for iPhone located in Czech Republic. You can follow our reference and visit the iLinguist East off-line translator, with which you can translate between English and five Eastern European languages (Czech, Russian, Polish, Slovak and Croatian).



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