iPhone 3G or Blackberry Storm? Still can’t resolve the dilemma?

There have been many debates regarding the choice of the best high-tech device between iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm.  Undoubtedly they are meant for the different categories of consumers varying mainly between business and entertaining goals according to the features listed below:

For Blkackberry Storm the advantages are: Stereo Bluetooth capability (a good opportunity to  listen to your music collections via Bluetooth, wireless headsets without buying a third-party adapter), Removable battery (in case of using up it can be replaced by a new one easily, while the iPhone’s battery is fixed in), expandable memory (an expandable microSD media card slot allows to accommodate cards up to 16GB, but many prefer the iPhone's fixed 8GB or 16 GB memory to a Stoprm’s tiny extra card), Video Recording(for those who consider video capture more essential Storm is better for its 3.2 megapixel to the contrary of iPhone with its 2.0 megapixels).

As for the iPhone 3G: it’s now second-generation, it has a pretty cool design. What makes the Phone usability simple is the famous Safari browser. Surfing and zooming with two fingers on the pages is a real happiness. On the Facebook wall posts, friends, photos, all that becomes easier to arrange with iPhone which displays all the strengths of your community that are on the screen of a real computer. It possesses iTunes App store with a huge variety of iTunes, iTunes integration and iPod media player. So if music listening is your favorite leisure go ahead with choosing iPhone. As for Wi-Fi support with 3G you can have quite convenient internet score wherever you go.  Regarding the applications it still remains better than Blackberry devices.

At the end it should be noticed that no matter who you are - the busiest businessman or a joyful teenager both of these devices might be quite attractive for all of you.  Perhaps the best solution is to acquire the both to satisfy all your inner needs.


TLEE said...

A very good assessment... I thihnk the blackberry is a bnetter looking phone, but that may just be me. As for your photo, the blackberry appears to be fatter and larger than the iphone. The photo is not accurate as the Storm is in fact smaller than the iphone. The Iphone does have a better browser, though Blackberry is working hard on this. Finally, The Iphone does have more apps, but all the best apps have Blackberry equivalents.

mygadgets said...

I choose iPhone4... great feature and better look..

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Hit Man said...

iPhone has a faster CPU than Blackberry and more memory capacity. In everyday use, though, iPhone’s slightly larger capacity makes no noticeable difference. Both machines instantaneously respond to users’ commands. Competition between batteries also ends in a dead heat. Both machines will run on battery alone for approximately three hours in constant use, and will keep going between ten and twelve hours just idling. When iPhone first hit the market, Blackberry devotees argued iPhone could not stand-up to the dangers and demands of rigorous everyday use. Blackberries admittedly take a beating, because their developers had corporate road warriors in mind as they designed the machines. Over the long haul, though, iPhone has proven amazingly durable, and many of its early detractors have recanted, admitting they mistook iPhones touch-face and sleekness for signs of weakness.



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