A new virus attacking the users of jailbroken iPhones

A new computer virus attacks the  iPhones and iPod Touch. It has been revealed by the company Sophos which specializes in computer security. The virus of type "duh" or "Ikee.B.", records and transmits personal information, including passwords, as well as  changes the administrative password of the device.

Main symptoms of infection may be revealed by shortening significantly battery life when the WiFi network access is enabled. The virus uses WiFi to transmit recorded information and broad cast on other devices. A worm first appeared on the iPhone last month but was not so dangerous. It is to notice that the worm only infects unlocked  iPhones and iPod Touch.

According to Sophos representatives, Apple's default root password - 'alpine' can't be a guaranty of security for most iPhone users as the new  worm may break in and and change it any way by directly editing the encrypted value of the password in the master password file, so that the new password can never be revealed. To avoid such kind of infections, Sophos strongly suggests to all users of jail-broken phones to change their passwords from  'alpine'  immediately.



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