Protection One Released Security Application for iPhone

Protection One, Inc. released eSecure, a free iPhone application. The new app allows users to access their security panels and receives real-time security updates from their iPhone or iPod touch.

By the help of the application, users can confirm that their security system is armed while on vacation or turn off the alarm while at work to let in cleaning crews or other contractors. When armed, the eSecure system will send text or e-mail messages when motion is detected, a particular door is opened, in the event of a flood, if high carbon-monoxide levels are recorded and even when a liquor or medicine cabinet, safe or other sensitive area is accessed.

“No one wants to spend a vacation or business trip worrying about leaving the garage door open or if the security alarm is set,” says Protection One President and CEO Richard Ginsburg. “This application puts security at your fingertips and keeps you connected, even when you’re away.”

The application maintains safety and security with multiple layers of password protection. A standard Protection One keypad code is required for access to the eSecure keypad, which is neither stored on the device nor visible to anyone looking at the screen.

The application is available for download now from Protection One at the iPhone Apps Stor. The app is compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch devices



mobilechamps said...

Its very good application. And related to environment & protection. Thanks nice blog & apps too.


Anonymous said...

Protection one is a crooked, security company. I was with them for over six years. When I terminated, they have tried to charge me for three months that they say I have to pay because my contract renews, automatically, every year. I am getting a minimum of five harassment phone calls per week at home and cell phone. they won't dare try and sue me.

Anonymous said...

Protection One is passing on yet another cost of doing business to their customers without even knowing if the service technology is worthy. I have not had a raise in five years and work each and every day. I resent yet another rate hike in these tough economic times.


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