Charge your gadget on the bike

For those who frequently use their bicycles as the main mean of transport this will be really good news.  Dahon has recently announced the BioLogic FreeCharge that is attached to your bicycle and uses the energy generated by the bike’s dynamo to charge an internal high-capacity battery while you’re riding and pedaling.  It can be used to charge any USB powered devices such as iPhone, iPods, BlackBerries, mobile phone and other portable gadgets.  You just have to connect your device to the USB hub by a cable. For such devices as iPhone it takes about three hours to charge.

So when you plan long bike rides this gadget is really what you need in order not to stay off line.

Dahon is planning to release BioLogic FreeCharge in March 2010 at the price of around 100 USD.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a reasonable idea, I have a solar charger that does the same but can be taken of the bike for use when Hiking etc. Bought it from iSolar2Go, Inc. , pretty innovative company with cool and proven technology.

Anonymous said...

There's a video up by Dahon showing the BioLogic ReeCharge in action here:


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