How to set up parental control on iPod and iPhone touch

Permanent development of diverse mobile gadgets makes access to the internet for kids more and more available, especially if the parental control is minimal.  Thus adult content sites and apps are quite reachable even for those who are already able to cope with the iPhone and iPod touch. But fortunately for the concerned parents of such “nosy” children iPhone and IPod Touch devices possess settings for parental control. To set it up you should first:
  • ·         From the home screen, select Settings > General.
  • ·         Select Restrictions.
  • ·         Enter a 4-digit passcode. Make sure you remember this passcode, as in case you forget it you will have to reset your device losing all your app data.
  • ·         On the restriction screen set Safari, YouTube, and Installing Apps to OFF.
  • ·         Scroll down the screen to the Allowed Content area.
  • ·         Set In-App Purchases to OFF.
  • ·         Select Music & Podcasts. Set Explicit to OFF.
  • ·         Select Movies. Select the rating you would like to allow.
  • ·         Select Apps. Select age-based filtering for apps you would like to allow.

  • ·          Select TV Shows. Select the rating you would like to allow.
  • ·         Select Ratings For to change your location if necessary.
  • ·         Hit the Home button to return the home screen.

But as soon as you disable Safari browser on your iPhone it will be no more possible to search even useful sites. In this case you can install a mobicip browser which is free or iWonder Surf Web Browser available for $14.99 and Safe Eyes Mobile available for $19.99.



Anonymous said...

Is there a way to disable apps or edit the app age ratings so that I can disable a user-defined category of apps ? I would like to be able to disable access to personal apps on my iPod Touch so that I can let students use educational apps in class.

Sarah said...

This is really useful, thankyou!

parental control software said...

iPhone is one of the most important gadget nowadays, it's indeed used by most of the people all over the world. With iPhone and iPad, both communication and entertainment become fast and easy. However, there are danger and risk in using those gadgets because of online predators and to keep our kids safe; setting up a parental control is needed.


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