“Phone-o-scope” on your mobile phone – no to heavy cameras?

Engineer Bhautik Joshi is actually that very person who decided to attach an SLR lens to his Smartphone. Although he used his iPhone for the project but any Smartphone with built-in camera may be used. All that was needed just little more than a cardboard tube, some sticky putty, duct and a couple of PVC pipe couplers. A Phone-O-Scope – as Joshi called it – was ready. 

The Phone-O-Scope isn't quite as sharp, but makes "fuzzy, Holga-like images" that would be rather attractive for some photographers.  Although the invention still lacks some great quality but the engineer hopes to develop it up to better level.

Right on Joshi’s web site you can find how to create your own Phone-o-scope.




Tom said...

Slightly unnecessary really - it makes the phone almost as big as a conventional SLR, just not as good.

Tom Harding

kosi said...

Almost as big but maybe not as heavy ... think an official iphone attachment is in the works?

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Ethan said...

You are right Tom. It does make the iPhone as big as a SLR camera and it would be difficult to carry the lens in pocket.


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