AirStrash increases iPhone storage wirelessly

There are still many of those who don’t have the latest 32 GB iPhone 3GS and are usually short of memory space. Now the extension of your iPhone memory storage is available even on your 8GB iPhones of the first generation. AirStash is an expandable flash drive (via SD memory) that you will be able to access from your iPhone. Just plug AirStash into your Mac, transfer some files to the mounted volume, and go wherever you want with AirStash and iPhone in your pocket. As the manufacturers claim it is possible to connect to this gadget wirelessly from your handset. Although it’s not known yet if the gadget is compatible with other devices than iPhone and iPod touch as well as many other details until its official launched. But fro the first glance it seems quite useful and quick solution when some extra space is needed so much. 



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