Bungee Stickmen - 2010: Space Edition

A new exciting game named “Bungee Stickmen“will never let you get bored and always care about your good mood. 
You have to calculate the rope and watch the little stickmen dive. They are extreme sportsmen. All you have to do is just pulling them as close to the ground as possible. But be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise they will splat. Thus before starting the game you have to calculate which size you need for the rope. For this purpose you must take into account Bungee Tower Height, Stickman Height, Stickman Weight and rope flexibility. Remember that as closer your stickman comes tot the ground, the more scores you gather, but if he hits the ground you will lose your scores, so be careful. Each fallowing level is more difficult than the previous one, but you should try it anyway. So go ahead and complete all 180 for more extreme.
It’s quite an amusing performance and is worth seeing. In addition it’s available for free on the iTunes.



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