How to make your iPhone battery last long?

A battery for our iPhone can be considered as a driving engine – a heart which has to be taken care of and protected properly.  Moreover if your iPhone has some problems with its batteries it can cost you enough much money and still it’s not so obvious if it can be subject to repair.  Besides we should take into consideration that a lithium-ion battery is of an outstanding quality and with sensitive and proper care it may serve for several years.

Consequently as soon as you start taking care of you iPhone battery it will serve you longer and better.

·         The first and foremost is to avoid your iPhone from dropping. This is the most common rule which is known for everyone but is often ignored and disregarded.

·         Let the battery fully discharge and fully charge at least once a month. Thus the buttery keeps the electrons in the lithium-ion battery moving.

·         Avoid keeping your battery in the humid environment as well as in the places of high temperature as heat destroys the ability of ionization in the lithium-ion battery. Room temperature is the best for your iPhone to keep in.

·         Wireless connectivity as well as Bluetooth has similar battery usage so you should keep these features turned off while not using them.

·         Try not to charge your iPhones with vehicles or after market chargers.  They are not accurate in charging. Taking into account that lithium-ion batteries are designed to be charged at an exact charge rate and voltage, these chargers will also be likely to damage them.

 Yet this is not a full list of rules that have to be fallowed but quite enough to ensure long life for the battery and thus the iPhone itself. 


Carol Clark said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such a helpful information, my new Internet Phone has been great to me lately, but while in use i was sucking away battery life, using ur advise it works out much better, i was chargin it in the case which was a problem as well.

Facebook Applications said...

So basically don't use your iPhone, useless! After 3.0 my battery sucks but by not using any of these features I'm basically not using my 3g but the first gen.

Facebook Application said...

I suggest that don't used your iphone too much or useless and don't play game on iPhone.I also implement this tactic.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases and Screen Protectors said...

I was using iPhone before but only the games got my battery to get empty but then I change into galaxy.


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