Join as many friends as you want with your TextPlus

SMS messaging is a common way of communication n the current world. One simple thing that this usual messaging lacks is the inability to create group messaging with several friends and among them simultaneously. Although an app called “TextPlus” developed by Gogii Inc. available for iPhones will give you such an opportunity. Even those owners of iPod touch can take advantage of this app. Besides it’s available for free on the iTunes and will allow you to send and receive texts from your friends all for free.
You can use TextPlus to text through WI-FI, 3G and Edge. Although your friends can join your conversation any time even if they don’t have this app on their phone.
You can edit your avatar on the TextPlus by adding any image on your iPhone.
The application is available at the App Store.


Consumer said...

Really cool. i love these aplication from apple they are reall helpful and helps me customize my iphone in an hassle free manner.But this product review must improve in india. Maybe improving their after sales support might be helpful.


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