WebMD Mobile – a rescue team in you iPhone

Our life is so unpredictable that no one knows what might be prepared for us the next moment. The more we are prepared less serious are the outcomes. Free iPhone app called WebMD Mobile gives us such an opportunity to learn about different health tips concerning different symptoms, drugs, treatments and even first aid instructions.
You can get necessary information very operatively about different drugs, vitamins, natural herbs. In case not to be lost in emergency situations this app proposes emergency first aid trainings.
As soon as you download WebMD Mobile you can find the mannequin on the screen of your iPhone. Just tap him on the part of the body where you or your relates face problems and by zooming in on the body part you will be able to find all relevant information about the existing symptoms.
Although don’t disregard to consult your physician, as the app may not include complete or sufficient information concerning one particular case.
The app is free of charge and is available at he iTunes AppStore.


Jed said...

My favorite medical iPhone app by far. Just love WebMD Mobile. It's a must have app for everyone in my opinion. It's really amazing when you consider how many lives this and other medical apps have the potential of saving! That's why we should all have apps like this on our smart phones.


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