Interactive Cocktail Entertainment

Do you like to organize parties and seek to be creative and original for your friends? Then the app Interactive Cocktail Entertainment is definitely for you as it can help you in achieving these goals. This is the original application which helps you gain new skill such as making cocktails and surprising your friends again and again.

Furthermore the app is of quite an entertaining character offering you the game with three levels: 1. practice mode where you prepare a cocktail according to you choice; 2. An amateur mode where you'll have to prepare cocktails independently without a help and the last one is the most difficult 3. a barman mode where you work in the bar receiving multiple orders from your customers. You have to prepare cocktails as soon as possible to gain higher scores in order not to lose your visitors. Otherwise they will leave and you'll have to close the door.

The app is available in English and Spanish and you can download it here for FREE!!!



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