Why did Apple ban Sexual Content from the App Store?

Recently Apple has taken the decision to ban all the applications with sexual content. they have just been removed from the App Store. This major change has been caused by an increasing number of complaints received from the customers.

As firstly Apple allowed such kinds of applications and many developers were thus stimulated to create different sex content app likely to be very popular. But with the increasing requirement and the consumption of these app, the complaints increased either especially from parents. But now many of them are banned starting from jiggling boobs up to Kama Sutra. Perhaps this new policy will slightly improve the situation and save the morality of upcoming generation. But what shall have been done with the apps already being downloaded and used?


White Rabbit said...

Why should it be up to Apple to police what kids download? What happened to parental responsibility? If someone doesn't like what they see in an app before download, don't download the app. Adults who want sexual apps on their iPhones/Touches shouldn't be denied because parents don't take responsibility for their kids.

deviousAngel said...

it was fair decision for apple to ban sexual content from app store, that they have valued their clients concerns.

Anonymous said...

And yet the bible is still in there.. Hypocrits!


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