Case-mate hug wireless iphone charger

The Hug represents a wireless charging system for iphone 3G and 3GS. That means that you can charge your iphone without plugging it in wires. The hug consists of hug case, which is quite voluminous and a hug pad. It has to be noted that this pad has the ability to charge any other case with similar standards. If you want to charge your iphone you simply have to put it on the platter. Case-mate also ships the Hug with a screen protector to provide coverage from all sides. The hug with its smart technology can feel when the battery is charged and stop charging to save power.
Currently you can get your hug for $99.99 from Case-Mate, who previews to release  the same device for Blackberries in the nearest future.


TedB said...

Is there any chance of Apple including in the iphone 4G case the tech required so we dont need these ridiculous cases to charge the iphone on one of these gadgets (like palm did with the pre).

Tadas said...

Great idea and case,
but it only makes the iphone even more bulky, its already to big for my pocket, Hit or miss - miss

Ethan said...

This is a really cool device but it makes the iPhone look too big. They should come up with something smaller.


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