How to keep iPhone sms conversations in secret

Sometimes people face the problem of privatization of their sms conversations. There always might be some family members, or other persons around us whom you never want to be accessed to your private correspondence. There are a couple of iphone apps to keep your secret life protected.
The first one is called Pysl, created by Rikk. It allows you to filter blacklist and whitelist separately and setup password for the desired lists.

Beforehand you must make sure that you've got iClarified in your iphone as an installer source. Then you press to launch installer from your Springboard and install tab at the bottom of the screen. You must select the iClarified from the list of categories. Then you select Pysl from the list of packages. Once you install it  a new icon will appear on your main menu. With wake/sleep button you must turn off your iphone for three minutes and then press the Pysl icon when you turn it on again. In the settings menu you choose Save new password button and  Password changed button. Afterward with Back button you choose Blacklist on the Welcome screen. With Add button you choose Add Number from contacts. Returning back to the Add to blacklist screen you enable one of the fallowing options: SMS STOP: hide SMS and store in SMS History; 
SMS DELETE: hide SMS and delete it “on the fly” (without saving in SMS trace);
CALL STOP: hide CALL and register call in CALL History (not available yet) and then press
Add contact to list. Then press Pysl enable to the ON position and that's it. Test it in any case to avoid excesses.

Another iphone app that can perform the similar abilities is called TigerText for iphone and ipod touch. This app has the "The upon reading" feature which deletes the message 60 seconds after it has been opened.  You won't be able to find such kind of messages anywhere but the TigerText server and it purges them every 60 seconds.
If choosing the delete history option you will be assured that the feature deletes all evidence. But take it into consideration that the app does not store the messages. It may only deliver the list of persons you've sent a text to and the time of specific correspondence.
Now you have an option for keeping your private life protected and sleep calmly not worrying that some day your most inner secrets might be discovered by an undesirable person.  


BlogBloggers said...

Every one having the same problem regarding hiding or locking text messages on iPhones. Recently I downloaded a program from and it hides the iPhone SMS button and replaces it with a fake one that you can edit. Basically it doesn’t show all the girls I am talking to.

Anonymous said...

New idea maybe make fake conversation to hide your real SMS conversation
Just use fake SMS+ from AppStore


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