Sloshspot Social Bar and Nightlife App in your iphone

If you feel annoyed and don't know what to do you can apply to the Sloshspot Social Bar and Nightlife application which will prompt your nightlife and time spending plans for the upcoming evenings. This app is developed by Cathat Lathrop. It's compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

With this app you can always find an answer to the question "where to go out tonight?" It offers you the range of places for parties, for the cheapest drinks, for social events, concerts, karaoke bars, pull halls etc. You can add yourself as a regular attender and create a community around a bar and meet new people. If regularly attending you will be able to receive some free drink or other specials from bars.

You can get much more fun with Sloshspot and download it for free right here!!!


Julien said...

Nightlife & Social App for Paris, France : enjoy


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