FanMisery App for your iPhone

For the fans of MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA the complete series of iPhone's unique and original Apps. is now available! Discover Motion announces that with assistance of Index and a comprehensive set of statistics, options and news, the need of the fan's, for their team will be feed. News is updated in real time, directly from different sources including local and national newspapers, broadcast media, and blogs.
The Index (FMI) is daily calculated for each team throughout the year. Statistics are updated after each game during the season. Opinions are updated daily throughout the year based on fan votes from within their team App.
Pricing and Availability:
FanMisery Index Apps for each MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA team are available for 2.99 (USD) from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. More information, videos, and screenshots featuring the FMI and FMI Apps are available online.

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its great

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Is working on iPhone 2g ?

Jeremy Bates said...

Seems like a pretty awesome app, I would be interested to see if they have repaired some of its issues.

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Totally perfect for your current life-state. Congrats on your move and I hope it is a dream!


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