Life is simple with Pic2shop app on your iPhone!

It's happened before and it happened again last week. I was on my way back from a perfect day of shopping when I ran into a good friend. After showing off my purchase of the day, my friend informed me that the same teapot that I had just bought was cheaper at the shop on the next street over… Bargain shopping fail.
I began to feel the anger and frustration bubbling up, having thought that I'd gotten the best deal at the last store I was at. That was when I made the decision to download pic2shop, making it possible for me to avoid these situations for absolutely no additional cost! Pic2shop is a barcode scanning app for your iPhone that does local and web price comparisons. And the best part about pic2shop is that it's absolutely FREE!! Turns out pic2shop will even show me local library results when I'm out shopping for books.
So it seems now you can save money without spending any, it's hard to believe but it's true.
How it works:
With its scanning capability, pic2shop offers the best comparison shopping experience on the iPhone. Point the camera at the barcode of a product until the red line turns green. Compare the prices at thousands of online and local retailers and find out where the product is cheaper super fast! Or, if it's a book, find it at the local library! You can look up the number, where in the library it's located, and if it's been checked out, all with the touch of your finger.
Download right now! Have a happy shopping trip!
- works on all iPhones: Original, 3G, 3GS
- available worldwide
- ultra-fast and reliable
- searches online and local stores
- checks public libraries near you
- email the results to yourself or to a friend

An apology to iPod Touch owners: pic2shop does not work on the iPod Touch, but it will in the next version!



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