World's most customizable alarm clock called iA5 for iPhone/iPod touch

New iA5 app from iHome is enhanced alarm clock for the iPhone and iPod users which turns the iPhone into an integral part of the alarm clock. The iA5 alarm clock works with the company's iHome+Sleep app, which deactivates the built-in display to turn the connected iPhone or iPod touch into a large clock screen. The app offers up to 18 additional software alarms, nap alarms. You can adjust the time, set the snooze or the wake alarm to play songs or movies and browse local weather information right on the iPhone itself. 

The software portion turns the clock into an information hub. The app shows news that happened while you were asleep. Some more, you can use the app to share your wake up and bedtime status on Facebook and Twitter, and even record about your sleep statistics.
The iA5 docks and charges your iPhone or iPod touch and has a backup power source for the clock in the event of a power outage that uses three AAA batteries.

The iHome iA5 is now available on the company's website for a price of $100 and you can download the iHome+Sleep app from the Apple app store for free.



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