Language translation app Jibbigo adds Arabic version

The hottest and the smartest, universal voice to voice translation app Jibbigo's developers Mobile Technologies released new fourth version of Jibbigo, at this time with Iraqi dialect of Arabic for iPhone 3GS and late 2009 iPod touch.
Mobile Technologies were developing clever algorithms and building a massive vocabulary database for the iPhone, during one year. The result is voice-to-voice translation app without an Internet connection that provides you with unique service without any effort. Just speak into your iPhone in English or other language that the app consists and you'll receive voice translation in a few seconds as well as the written form of the word in the areas where isn't much coverage, for example war zone in Iraq. So the app supposed to be the best way for communication in the middle east war zones as it is an Iraqi dialect of Arabic.
Besides recently added versions as Japanese, Chinese and Arabic, Mobile Technologies are planning to add five languages and additional service to the app within this year. The service includes translation of road signs meanings by taking a picture of it with your iPhone camera.

The price of the app is from $25 to $30 each.



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