Ultimate Movie Buff is new app for iPhone dedicated to cinemaholic people

Super Monko Studio has announced the release of Ultimate Movie Buff the app for iPhone. The launch of the app was planned during Cannes film festival as Ultimate Movie Buff is most for cinemaholic people. App seems to be the updated version of Movie Buff quiz.
New quiz include several movie related questions approx in quantity of 4.800 and fifteen categories as: director, actor and so on.
Super Monko Studio offers users lots of novelties. You will find new red carpet videos AND images from ITN. In addition app is redesigned with new animation and artwork.
This app provides players with entertaining and at the same time challenging game.
Note that the questions are difficult and you have to mobilize all the information that you have ever heard or seen about the movie. Test your knowledge in this filed, take your brain to limits with and get a great fun with Ultimate Movie Buff on your iPhone.



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