DogBeMine app helps you choose and raise a dog!

Announcing the release of new app for animal lovers called Dog Be Mine 1.0. The app is developed by Animal instinct for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Dog Be Mine will provide dog lovers with all pet related information. If you want to adopt a puppy you have a big choice! App includes more then 200 dog breeds with pictures. Besides, you can learn about training tips, health care, get news and updates from the dog-loving community and many more with app’s feature guide to help.
Additionally, Dog Be Mine 1.0 offers search engine service, giving you access to maps and information about local services such as breeders, closest vets, kennels, and even pet friendly hotels. Search results are displayed with maps to the searched locations and can be added to your contact list for quick recall as well.
The possibilities include uploading pictures of your own dog from app’s photo gallery for other users to see.

Priced at $1, DogBeMine runs on the iPhone and iPod touch as well as on the iPad (though it hasn’t been optimized for that device).


Martin said...

ha ha cool, I'll look for this one at our app store in Sweden.



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