$10,000 + $5000 from MacPhun- for the lucky 10th billion app download!

Apple App store is about to hit 10 billion app downloads! A person to purchase the 10th billion app can win $10,000 iTunes gift card from Apple. This event is also remarkable for one more reason – MacPhun – the developer of photo and video apps, promises extra bonus from $1000 to $5000 to the same lucky user- $1000 - if it is any app from Photography category, $5000 - if the app is FX Photo Studio.

The live countdown on the iTunes shows that this will happen very soon, and the fortunate user of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can now expect to get a total of $15,000!!! It’s not all - with an idea to drive more attention to the Photography category of the App Store, MacPhun promises $1000 iTunes Gift Card, if any photography app becomes the One! Any photo app by any developer created no matter where can win this price in case it is available in the Apple app store and hits the 10th billion download!

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