4G Changing Our Lives…

The 4th generation of technology- 4G of wireless connectivity... When should the development process end? How does it impact our lifestyle and what impact it may have on mobile broadband? Let’s look back- it all started with the 1G, with the POD- analog system, allowing people to communicate via wireless connection for the first time, followed by 2G- offering upgraded and faster analog system to users. With the complex digital signal 2G featured, it was available to send larger packets of data via text messages. Then 3G came around, expanding the digital signal, allowing us to connect to internet and download all the needed information more or less with high speed, but not enough for video chatting or HD video streaming. So here comes the 4th and the last G so far, offering increased speeds and more connectivity opportunities.

4G is still being developed, but actually, it has somehow already changed our lives- we do not read books, do not buy newspapers, do not watch TV, do not sleep and do not eat as much as we did before- as there is so much to do with it. How long is it since you last bought a CD of your favorite singer and listened to it in your Hi-Fi? Personally, I could never imagine myself sitting in a bus traveling form country to country, being online on Facebook through my mobile phone without any stress, checking my notifications. This is what 4G mobile phone plans promise for the nearest future- being connected to internet no matter where you are- the connection to 4G towers from virtually any location on Earth!

The question arises- whether 4G a competitor of 3G, or complementary one. As for me, if 4G is available, I’ll never go back to 3G any more. But the experts claim, that the accelerated growth in demand for 4G stimulates interest in broadband wireless apps and this also has a beneficial impact for 3G. As 4G has not revealed its full potential, it’s anticipated, that the effect on mobile broadband will be revolutionary, but positive, by providing spectral efficiency. So, take pleasure of high speed internet connection despite your location and no clogged networks any more!


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