Limited Price range for Apps?!

The Apple’s iPhone app store is loaded with thousands of applications produced by different people for different usage situations or just for fun. The diverse of the categories indicates that there is an app for everyone, corresponding even the most unusual needs of Apple users. 

It appeared that despite the legitimate and extremely powerful distribution channel for the content, the customers still seem to be reluctant to pay a lot of money to get desired app. The price limit for the apps usually varies from $1 to $9.99. 10 USD is the maximum price to pay when purchasing apps for the majority of users (68%). This fact is steadied with the rating of the apps, which shows that the most popular and commonly purchased apps are those with the price up to $10.

It turned out that circa 6% of apple users do not by apps at all, as they see no need to waste money in something, that you can from some other source, while the rest 28% is ready to pay more than $10 to get the desired app. There sure are the exceptional apps, that are either distinguished from others with the unique content or intellectual property, or provide beneficial experience or value for customers.


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