Paint Problems of White iPhone 4 Appear to Be True..

Rumours about the white iPhone 4's eventual release date continue till today. Recently we have seen further evidence of the handset in supposed carrier inventories. But still, a solid day when we can go out and pick one up has not been announced yet.
You may remember that Apple cited the release delays as problems with application of the white paint. Many speculated in fact that they were working on fixing the slew of antenna problems that the iPhone 4 had on release. Others acclaimed Apple's paint announcement to be false. Either way it ensured that the white iPhone4 has now become one of the must have but yet to be released gadgets of this year.
With the help of too many information on the web, we can now find truth in Apple's white paint difficulties. According to the majority of sites, specified printing white color for iPhone 4 brings poor yield and then huge number of defective products. This is what disturbs to start manufacturing.

This is not the first time that Apple has had problems with white products. You may remember the rumors about the 3GS, that they would turn pink if overheated. It seems toasty iPhones were changing colour after extended periods of use and strain on the CPU.



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