Little Black Box USB Battery

QuickerTek introduced the "Little Black Box", the world's first and only USB battery pack of its kind that allows you to use ANY AA battery to charge or power Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or virtually any USB powered device.

That means you can use Alkaline, Carbon, Ni Metal Hydride or NiZinc rechargeable AA batteries as long as all four AA batteries are the same kind and brand. The internal circuitry compensates for different battery voltages to supply the correct voltage for USB compatibility. Our test studies show that the best batteries to use are the rechargeable NiZinc batteries, they are the highest capacity.

The QuickerTek Little Black Box is very compact so you can take it on an airplane, camping or road trips! Never be caught with a dead battery again!
* Weight - 1.6 oz. without batteries
* Dimensions: 80.16 mm x 62.44 mm x 19.38 mm
* 1.2 vdc to 1.6 vdc
* On and Off switch
* Female USB port
* 4-AA batteries not included in kit


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