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The more comfort you give, the more customers you get… the more quality you offer, the more satisfied customers you have… the more demand you find in need of customers, the more supply you are able to provide to them… Each business tries to discover something extraordinary in these saturated markets.

I found an interesting App for iPhone customers but before covering the features of the new free app, I was interested in how many apps does iPhone have? In one of the sources, 148Apps, there are 148 All Time Top iPhone Apps. That is the huge number but not complete list. One of the latest app is Free iMingle Insurance iPhone® App. It is an Auto Insurance, though is also includes services if one needs to update information, pay bills, report claims and more at fingertips.

So what we can do with it?!

• Access your policy 24/7
• Update your policy contact information
• Make payments instantly online
• Report a claim and submit photos of the accident
• Gather witness and police reports
• Connect to a claims representative
• Get assistance with a taxi, tow truck or rental car
• Get a quote for Renters Insurance

With these features drivers are provided with a more convenient way to manage their auto insurance policies with no restrictions of place and time. The iPhone app that is to satisfy the needs of a techno-centric consumer, offers group buying for individual policyholders with discounts that give customers opportunities to gain 2 in 1: using social media and buying insurance.

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